Q: How much does training at The Forge cost?

A: If price is your main concern then we are NOT the right program for you. You can go to the local gym or health club chain that looks flashy and nice but you will never find the expertise and caring found here by our Forge Strength Coaches.

If price is not your main concern, our prices can be found on the Membership page and they reflect the fact that we are a coaching facility, not a gym.


Q: Does The Forge offer personal training?

A: No.  Our training sessions are semi-private, which means you will be training with other like-minded individuals who share your goals and determination.

We are, however, dedicated to bettering the health and lifestyle of anyone who is sincerely interested in training with us.

If training in a group is not your thing, and the circumstances warrant it, we can make special arrangements to help you achieve your full potential – so long as you can honestly say you meet the requirements listed on our Membership page.


Q: Where are you located?

A: We are located at 1420 Walnut Street Columbus, TX 78934.

The entrance may be found to the LEFT of the Dollar General store, where the Live Oak Dance Studio is.  Upon entering the building go down the hallway until you reach the very back of the building.  You should see our entrance there.


Q: What time are your classes?

A: Our class schedule is as follows, all classes are One Hour long:

Monday through Friday:

5:30am, 8:30am, 4pm, 5pm, & 6pm

8:30am-10:30am Open Gym


Q: Do I have to be fit before I start?

A: No matter what your fitness level is you will make drastic improvements when you start training at The Forge. Our fantastic team of trainers is armed and ready to assess whatever level you’re at and give you the progressions you need to safely achieve your goals at a steady rate.


Q: Will the training hurt?

A: The training is intense and can cause fatigue for some during the session.  We encourage all to compete at their highest level during the training to maximize the results you want.

If at any time during the training you feel fatigued or any discomfort feel free to step aside a moment, even if it is just to catch your breath or a needed rest.


Q: Can you help me lose weight?

A:  We are merely guides, and ultimately your fate rests in your ability to do what we tell you to do.  Simple really, if you do what we say, and follow the nutritional guidelines that we give you… you will lose weight.


Q: What type of results should I expect?

A: That is completely dependent upon your individual goals and how much you apply yourself to your training program.

Everyone who trains here and follows our program will see dramatic increases in strength and cardiovascular stamina.  More importantly, within The Forge, the mind and strengthening thereof is key.

Functional fitness and athleticism will follow as a byproduct.  Here, we train for life.


Q: Are parents allowed to watch during the training sessions?

A: No, parents are not allowed in the facility during a training session. Please understand and respect that The Forge is strictly for clients and coaches ONLY.  Parents are NOT allowed to come into our training area as this has proven to be a liability and an overall negative experience for both the clients and the coaches.  Your role as a parent is to support your child in coming here and letting us do the training.

There is only ONE exception to this rule.  A parent/guardian is allowed to be present during their child’s Free Trial.  But, if you are a parent who is obnoxious, overbearing and interrupts our workouts, you are not welcome here and you will be asked to leave. Rude and overbearing parents make others uncomfortable and ALWAYS ruin the workout for their son / daughter by intruding in their workouts and trying to tell the Coaches what is right or wrong. We are experts and for this relationship to work you must trust us fully. Period.


Q: Is The Forge a co-ed coaching facility?

A: Yes.


Q: What is the age limit for training?

A: The minimum age limit to train at The Forge is 12 years old.  If under 18 years of age, parent/guardian permission is required before training may begin.


Q: Who do you coach?

A: We coach athletes, professionals, and individuals – middle school through collegiate and beyond.  However, not everyone is accepted into our program. Not because we are rude, but because we care about our clients first and foremost.  Read our About page, for more details if you haven’t already.


Q: Is the price the same for everyone?

A: Yes, depending on how many sessions per week you decide upon, the Membership Agreement price is the same for all ages.




If you have any questions that weren’t answered here, please submit them on our Contact page.